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Privacy Notice

Last updated April 29, 2022

We place a high priority on protecting the privacy of our users’ personal information. This Privacy Policy states our website’s data collection and uses practices. It also encompasses the various kinds of information that we may gather about you as you go through our website. Visit our website and accept the practices outlined in this Privacy Statement by continuing to use it and accessing any of its pages. Please review this policy thoroughly if you have any questions or concerns about the practices described in the Privacy Policy. This policy does not apply to data obtained in the following ways:

  • Offline or any other third-party website that isn’t under our supervision.
  • Anything that collects personal information from the public through advertising or a third-party application

We do not provide any services for youngsters under 18 years old. We never knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen on our website. Please do not submit any personal information about yourself if you are under the age of eighteen. This includes your name, address, phone number, screen name, and email address. If we discover that we hold any personal information of a minor without their parents’ permission, we will immediately remove it. Email [email protected] and we will immediately erase any information about minors under 13 if you believe it exists.

Information collected by us

Users of our website may provide us with a variety of information, including but not limited to:

  • Name, email, and employer name are examples of “personal information” that users may submit on the website (if applicable)
  • Accounting files that you upload to our website using the Quickbooks, Xero, etc. connection
  • Billing and financial information
  • Analytics-related information
  • The time of your visit and your IP address are two examples of anonymous information.
  • Your device’s information (for example, your contact information)
  • Personal data (for example, how you communicate with other users, the time, date, and sender information of the messages you send, and the interactions you have with other users)
  • This includes information about the sort of computer you are using, the operating system you are currently using, and any unique device identifiers you may have (if the website is accessed from a mobile device)
  • Information about where you are when you use the website
  • When you register on our website, please fill out a form, use an application, or subscribe to our website. We collect your personal information. Access and use of our website are also included in this.
  • Please let us know if you find a problem with the website or any other part of the website.
  • Replicates and reports on the steps taken to resolve your problem (which includes your contact information)
  • Any transactions you made on our website, as well as any other services we offer.

How is this information collected?

  • If you give it to us directly.
  • As soon as you’ve accessed our website, explored other sections, visited third-party websites (those of our business partners and other third-party service providers), and agreed to make use of sure of our services.
  • Transact on the web in a way that requires you to contact us directly or your consent to be given to us to contact you through the phone. In some situations, we record customer service calls to improve our service.
  • Third-Party Services and Responsibilities.
  • As a company, we sometimes rely on outside organizations or agents for specific operational needs. Billing and payments, creating relationships, tracking errors, business expansion, and service quality are all examples of these (related to gathering and analyzing information).

3rd-party organizations may have access to your information while performing these functions and obligations for you. For the third-party services to work effectively, we may be required to exchange your information. Each of these websites has its own set of Privacy Policies, over which we have no control. You are urged to review their privacy policies if you are aware of third-party companies that collect, use, and protect user information.

Every time you click on an advertisement or access our website through a service, it’s possible that service providers transfer cookies to your device or computer. These cookies might still track your online actions even after you’ve stopped using the services or website. You must select “Do not track” in your web browser’s cookies settings if you don’t want the cookies to track your online activity.

How will we use the data you provide?

The following are the ways we use the data we receive from visitors to our website:

  • To provide you with the services and material you requested on our website.
  • To provide your website with the content, you desire.
  • To carry out the transactions and finish them so that important information can be communicated, including providing the necessary services.
  • To provide you with KPIs.
  • To help you with your computer issues.
  • As a means of distributing promotional offerings connected to the following: service surveys, information; offers; and events.
  • As a means of making your data usable by companies that need it to execute their functions.
  • To achieve any goal that meets your purpose.
  • To provide information about your account.
  • To perform our responsibilities and enforce our rights under any agreements, including those relating to payment and collection.
  • To keep you updated on any alterations to our website or other essential services.
  • All services will be better protected in this manner.
  • So that you can avoid being a victim of fraud or other illegal activities by having your identity checked online.
  • Promoting, remarketing, and targeted advertising with you are the primary goals of this agreement.
  • Ads for third-party goods and services that may interest you may be targeted via direct or indirect marketing or online behavioral advertising.
  • Because you have given your permission for another usage.
  • Information that does not identify you personally (such as demographics, interests, and behavior patterns) may come from third-party service providers. It’s a tool we can use to improve our website and associated services and is more tailored to your needs.
  • To speed up your search results.
  • Remember your preferences when you return to our website.

Information Disclosure

However, we do not reveal any personal information about our users in aggregate form

There are a few exceptions to this rule, though.

  • Affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • Any of the services provided by another company.
  • Any third-party service providers, such as credit card payment processors and marketing assistance organizations.
  • To a potential purchaser or assignee. If a merger, restructuring, reorganization, or dissolution occurs, the successors (advisers and agents) will take over. Any options, such as asset sale/transfer, liquidation, or the like, could be considered.
  • With your permission, we may share your personal information.
  • In case of a court order, other legal obligation, or response to a government or regulatory demand, we may be required to reveal your personal information.
  • Billing and collection may necessitate disclosing this data.
  • If it is necessary to safeguard our interests or customers, we may release information.

Use of Cookies

To gather automatic data, the following technologies are employed:

Cookies or Browser Cookies – The function of the cookies is to track user behavior. You have the option to accept or reject the placement of a file on your hard disc (depending on your choice, some sections of our website may not work)

There will be tracking on your system unless you change the browser option to reject cookies.

The website and emails both contain web beacons. These are also known as “clear gifs,” “pixel tags,” and “single-pixel gifs,” and they allow us to track website analytics and the number of users who have viewed a page or opened an email (it helps ascertain popular content on the website and server integrity)

The “Do Not Track” Option

You can choose “Do Not Track” in your browser by clicking the appropriate button. By doing this, behavioral advertising agencies will no longer be able to monitor your online actions across various websites. We are aware of the “Do Not Track” option; if a user chooses it, we won’t track or collect any data that personally identifies them.

Information Options

Advertising and tracking technologies
You can choose to reject all or some of the cookies. When you search, you can choose from several sources to reject cookies.

Email correspondence
As part of our services, there is a risk that we will send you newsletters, marketing materials, or promotional emails. You can unsubscribe from these emails if you’d prefer not to receive them.

To make changes to your personal information, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Data Transfer & Archiving
We may gather and keep your data in our databases or those kept by our affiliates, service suppliers, or agents.

We may transfer your information to servers in the United States if you are a user outside of the United States. Unless expressly forbidden, it may apply to data transfers between the European Economic Area and other world regions.

You consent to data transfer and information processing if you permit us to collect your information. There’s a potential we’ll put some data on your devices to make your online experience better.

You can use our website from anywhere in the world. If you permit us to use your information, those local data protection regulations will precede your permission to use the information.

Utilizing Google Services, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics

Along with various other services, we utilize Google Service, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords.

Google uses cookies to track your user information to provide you with relevant advertising based on the websites you’ve already visited.

With the aid of cookie settings and browser plugins, you may change your options on the Google Ad Preferences page to prevent receiving internet-based advertising.

We might use Google remarketing tags to log users in when they visit particular pages and take action on our website. You can choose not to get targeted advertising from it.

For more details on Google’s remarketing privacy policies, we also advise reading the New Relic Privacy Policy.

Data Security

We take all necessary technical, administrative, and physical precautions to safeguard your data. Despite our best efforts and security measures, we cannot guarantee your data’s complete protection.

Your data will only ever be transmitted at your own risk. Any circumvention of security and privacy settings will not be our responsibility.

You are accountable for the security and safety of your data and for maintaining the secrecy of your password.

Changes to Privacy Policy

If we ever change our privacy policy, we’ll post an update and a notification on this page.

We will try to send you an email with the policy changes as soon as they are made.

You must ensure that your email address is up to date so we can send you the revised policy, or you must keep track of the changes when the notice appears on the homepage.

Even if your engagement agreement is terminated and you cease utilizing our services, the policy is still in effect.


Residents of California may inquire about distributing their personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes using the California Civil Code Section 1798.83. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] if you want to make such a request.

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