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10 Steps To Have A Successful Relationship With Your Accountant

10 Steps To Have A Successful Relationship With Your Accountant
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Many business owners often overlook that their accountants are not happy working with them, so it becomes vital to maintain a good professional relationship with them. When you feel that your company’s finances are not going in the right direction, it could be that your team is not performing well. Or, as an employer, you have failed to keep up somewhere or the other, which causes the problem in its daily operations and hinders the overall output.

Every business runs primarily on finances. And as a business owner, you need to make sure that your finances are managed well and all the records are maintained properly. Having dedicated professionals looking after the accounting and finance department is necessary. 

And maintaining a successful and healthy relationship with your accountant is very important if you want all your company books to be accurately updated. So you must focus on managing your accountant and their working capabilities by maintaining a good and healthy working relationship. But that certainly does not happen overnight, so the important thing is to ensure that you take up small steps over time.

An accountant or the accounts team is essential for your business, and hence building on the same is crucial for the smooth flow of your business. As an employer, we often overlook that, which can automatically bring down the productivity level, which is not desirable. You always need to make sure that efforts can help the company grow.

Today we will try to talk about ten such steps, which are great if you want to build a good relationship with your company accountant. These are viable even if you outsource an accountant and hence try to follow these in the long run. With time you will be able to garner a relationship with your accountant, which is desirable.

10 Tips To Have A Successful Relationship With Your Accountant:

10 Tips To Have A Successful Relationship With Your Accountant
10 Tips To Have A Successful Relationship With Your Accountant

Now that we have established that it is essential to build a relationship with your accountant and a healthy one, let’s analyze how we can do that! Just focus on the basics:

1. Compatibility

You first need to ensure that the accountant is compatible with working with you and vice versa. Many people choose to avoid this, which creates many problems in the long run because it could be detrimental.

 Always make sure that you test the accountant, and when there is compatibility, automatically, it will foster a healthy relationship between you and your accountant. People often tend to avoid this; however, there are a lot of compatibility tests that can help you to assess.

2. Communication


Communication is critical for a healthy relationship of any kind, and that stands true even with your accountant. For your accountant to work in the right way and have a good relationship with you, you have to communicate with them and explain the scenario and how you want the proceedings. The accountant should also communicate with the employer so there is no scope for miscommunication. 

3. Shared Goals

If you and your accountant do not have the same goals, it could be detrimental in the long run. Wondering why? Shared goals are aspirations that are typical for you and the accountant, and hence that need to be taken care of. Shared goals always foster a better relationship because you understand what the person in front of you is aspiring to. 

4. Importance

To have a successful relationship with your accountant, you need to make them feel important. An accountant should think that they are a crucial part of the team, and this factor is indeed significant. 

The more employers focus on this factor, the more the relationship will get better. There are a lot of employers who often tend to take their accountants for granted, and that is not desirable. Accountants are crucial for your business, so you must make them feel the same.

5. Understanding of Job Description

Understanding of Job Description
Understanding of Job Description

A lot of miscommunication and negativity in the relationship arises when the individuals do not entirely know what they need to do. Hence, when you hire an accountant, ensure they have a complete idea of the job description and their responsibilities. 

The best way to do this is by giving them a briefing on the very first day and understanding if they are comfortable with the role. Always keep this in mind for long-term results.

6. Remuneration

When a hardworking accountant puts forward their best, it is also imperative for employers to recognize that. Hence, always ensure that you give them a reasonable remuneration because that will foster your relationship.

Remuneration also acts as positive reinforcement and ensures that their excellent work is promoted more. Hence always make sure that you give the accountants some token as an appreciation.

7. Work Environment

If the work environment you share with your accountant is not favorable, then the relationship will not be enriching. The most important thing you need to do is make sure that the work environment is positive, which will also help you with the relationship. 

Your working environment has to be positive, and you will see that your relationship with the accountant has already improved a lot. 

8. Divide The Work

If you tend to overboard your accountant with a lot of work, that could tamper with the relationship because your accountant might think you are being unjust. Hence, always ensure that if there is a lot of work, you divide the work pressure equally among more people. 

You may hire another accountant to share the workload and accordingly make for a smoother operational output. 

9. Access To Financial Documents

Access To Financial Documents
Access To Financial Documents

For your accountant to work smoothly, they must have access to all the financial documents like bank statements, loan papers, and much more. Access to financial records also gives them autonomy, and the accountants believe that as employers, you show trust in them. Hence, always ensure that your accountants have access to these papers for better work and a good relationship.

10. Creating and Following The Business Plan

Finally, it would help if you made sure that a business plan is created so that both of you are on the same page about the responsibilities and how the goals need to be achieved. The creation and following of a business plan is the best way to go forward.


You always have to ensure that the relationship you share with your accountant is healthy and prosperous for the better working of your company. People often avoid this, and hence they get into conflicts, which leads to reduced work output. Follow these above-mentioned simple tips, and you will never have problems maintaining a good relationship with your accountant. 

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