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If your company is a CPA business, you know how challenging it is to maintain bookkeeping operations, given the administrative costs involved. You can save money by outsourcing bookkeeping while having extra time to devote to your company.

In functional areas such as federal tax preparation, write-up services, sales and use tax preparation, accounting services, income tax preparation, and financial statement preparation, Profitjets has been offering CPA bookkeeping services.

We might serve as your fictitious back office. We can satisfy all of your bookkeeping needs at prices that are nearly half those of your local market.

By contacting us, Profitjets, you get a team of finance professionals taking the work off your plate so you can concentrate on your business.

About us
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We Help You To Focus On Your Business

We provide real-time bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses that update their books frequently so they may evaluate their financial success. For diverse businesses, our staff serves as virtual accounting professionals.

We provide complete accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing solutions from record to report, quote to order, order to cash, and procure to pay, following the needs of varied customers.

At our place, the greatest accounting services are provided to you by qualified accountants based in the US and using our software tools in conjunction with their training, experience, and education. Account balancing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and just about any tax, including federal and state income taxes, are all things we perform.

CPAs & Accounting Firms can benefit greatly from outsourcing

  1. To service your client proactively, have precise financial information.
  2. Smaller CPA businesses can multiply their business without adding more employees.
  3. Since you don’t need to spend much time cleaning up their books, larger CPA companies may focus on the crucial components of their clients’ profitability strategy.
  4. More emphasis on offering clients value-added services and retaining them over time
  5. Manage varying workloads – we assist you during lean and busy periods.

Providing unparalleled client service

Our skilled personnel, the range of their professional experiences, and their faces are visible on our LinkedIn profile. The success of our clients is the exclusive focus of every member of this team. Our commitment to creating a great workplace culture is unwavering.

Our Principles...

We base our communication, information sharing, and mission-related activities on five principles. Our most valuable technology is based on a combined concept: Culture.


To be recognized as the premier global technology accountant for businesses worldwide, offering top-tier remote staffing solution services, accounting services, financial services, and tax preparation services and delivering an excellent working and customer experience.


To offer business owners a strong team of accounting professionals to create and manage a competent accounting department to maximize growth and profits. We quickly respond to changes in accounting methods and the newest technological trends.

We aim to expand our international footprint in an increasing number of nations to multiply the number of delivery centers, and we must improve turnaround time and grow our clients. Our distribution centers are currently found in important cities. We keep all of our software platforms and strong infrastructure in-house.


Providing you with an outstanding experience is our passion. We are the accountants, and among ourselves and our clients, we are completely consumed by spreadsheets, interesting figures, and other financial matters.

We strongly value work-life balance, and we believe you should too. Teamwork is essential to achieving the impossible. We act honorably and with your best interests in mind. We make a list and double-check it to ensure accuracy. Profitjets is our name, and we are committed to keeping our promises and our word.


Why Are We Here?

The following are just a few of the numerous advantages you receive by working with us:

With our superior analysis of financial data that is otherwise difficult to understand, we can assist in decision-making. You can easily manage resource shortages during lean and busy accounting seasons. We regularly train our staff on the most recent accounting standards and software.

Our mission is to significantly improve the quality of life for more than a million people.

Regardless of financial situation, everyone should have the mindset of financial mastery. Giving people the tools they need to manage their finances and improve their lives is more important than simply teaching them how to read an account statement. Individuals and the standard of their life. That is fundamentally who WE are.

Why Are We Here
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