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Profit Jets Privacy Notice

The privacy of our users (‘You’, ‘User’) is the most crucial thing for Quickbookkeeping Inc. (‘Profit Jets,’ ‘We,’ ‘Us’) and the users that have are currently accessing various services from our website (the ‘Services’). Along with this, we are also dedicated to the privacy and safety of our website (the “Website”). We consider the personal information collected from our users during the process to be of great importance, so we are keen on keeping them secure.

This page is dedicated to the entire privacy notice that contains the types of information collected and recorded by us from our Websites and Services. It also discloses how Profit Jets plans to use it. ‘Personal Information is any information that identifies, relates to, defines or describes, can be associated with, or have a reasonable link, directly or subliminally, with a specific individual.

This privacy policy only applies to the information collected by the company from the website and its services. Any information collected offline or obtained from other sources will not be considered under the Privacy Policy of Profit Jets.

1. Personal Information Collection

a) Sign Up & Proceed To Use The Services

The user is required to sign-up to use our services. As part of the sign-up procedure, we will need some of the following information from you.

b) Our Part In The Play

When you reach out to us through our Website or services or other modes of communication such as e-mails, we are programmed to collect the following information. These identifiers constitute the different types of personal information from the user.
You need to provide all information required to avail of our services. Otherwise, we may not be allowed to proceed further. However, it is to be noted that the user has the right to decide whether to receive any electronic direct marketing communications like newsletters. When you receive newsletters and promotional content from Profit Jets, it is usually because you have agreed to it. In case you have not, you can still stop the process by opting out or unsubscribing to our promotional content by following the instructions in the email sent to you. You can also contact us directly, for discontinuing our promotional services fir the future. This information regarding discontinuing promotional services will also be shared with our third-party associates. The administration notices and updates will still be shared with you along with this privacy notice. Any other questions regarding electronic direct marketing received from our side can be discussed in detail by personally contacting us at [email protected]

c) Collecting Information Through Automation

The Website is built with a few software, and some are used for collecting personal information from the internet or other electronic network activity detected over the Website.

2. The Reasons For Amassing Personal Information

Information Collected Regarding Website & Service Operations

Personal Communication

We will be sending all the available materials to you on the occasion of your registration to our website. The user may also request the same, which will prompt us to provide the deliverables. However, the user also chooses not to receive these materials.

Analysis & Administration

The information is collected automatically from the website. It is then used to administer and analyze the data and use the insights to improve the website and enhance its performance. We may include a third party for assisting, who may also have access to the information collected from you. Using the information we can include new features, improvise old ones and deliver exactly what our clients require.

Legal Reasons

There can be legal matters, requests, subpoenas, or other law proceedings involving the Government where we might need the personal information collected from you. We will use them in compliance with the law of the State


We will only use or share your personal information with your consent. In cases where you have asked us to take a specific action that has something to do with your personal information, we will only be using or sharing it.

De-Identified Data Creation

Profit Jets may be required to de-identify your personal information. By de-identifying the information, we can extract specific data that has no relation to you. We use this data in our legal business matters.

Prevention & Safety Measures

We can again use the personal information provided by you on the following ground:

a) Terms & Conditions enforcement for the Website or its services
b) For the protection of the rights, privacy, safety, and property of us, yours, and others tied to it.
c) Protection from fraudulent, harmful, unauthorized, unethical, or illegal activity, and investigation to prevent such outcomes.

3.Responsible Sharing Of Personal Information

Profit Jets have no business sharing or selling the personal information you entrusted to us without your express consent. The exception is third parties, which is also mentioned in this privacy policy. These instances are as follows:
Service Provides : Profit Jets have every right to employ third-party companies and individuals to administer the website or provide the services. Other than website administration, they can be hired for hosting, email delivery, database management, and data storage services. In this journey, they are given access to personal information about you. However, they are only permitted to use it abiding by the law, for any particular business purpose, and following the terms and agreement(s) placed by us.
Professional Advisors : Professional advisors that render their services to us, such as lawyers, insurers, and auditors, will also have a share of the personal information, only in utter necessity.
Business Transfers : In the development process of Profit Jets, we might go on to buy or sell business assets. User personal information can also be considered an asset under the standard process of corporate dissuasion, merger, reorganization, sale, or other similar events. In the event of the transfer of assets, the successor will acquire the rights of your personal information and use it for their purpose in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy notice.
Law Enforcement, Protection & Safety : If the law is involved, we are bound to disclose personal information to a related government official, law enforcement, or other private parties. We strongly believe disclosing such information in such a case is utterly essential for the following reasons.

a) While responding to subpoenas or governmental requests, we may disclose the information just to comply with the lawful requests and legal process.
b) In the time of enforcing the terms and conditions governing the website.
c) To protect your rights, privacy, safety, or property and ours and others associated with us.
d) For investing matters of fraudulent, harmful, unauthorized, unethical, or illegal activity.

4. Client Rights & Choices

As our client, you will have the following rights and choices:

Any user wishing to exercise any of these rights can request us, and we will be quick to address the situation.

5. Retaining Information

Profit Jets can withhold personal information you present in connection to the website or their services as long as they require it. However, it must align with the purposes or reasons inscribed under the privacy policy. Account-holders can request the removal of personal information from their account by submitting a request. You can send the request through your account or email us at [email protected].

Note that, even after deletion, some information will be retained in the backup system. We will erase any personal information from our database if the law requires it.

6. Personal Information Of Children

Profit Jets website is not intended for the usage of minors, that is, anybody under the legal age of 16 years. Similarly, we do not intentionally collect or solicit personal information from anyone under 16. For anybody under 16, we kindly ask them not to register for the website or send out any information about you or us. Even if we come across any personal information identifying an individual under the legal age without parental consent or verification, we will promptly delete that information without hesitation. As a parent or legal guardian of a minor, you can always contact us if you are aware of some personal information being shared about an individual under 16.

7. Safety & Security

Personal Information collected from the is protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. We safeguard all information by placing reasonable and appropriate measures. However, we do not take responsibility for any personal information during the data transmission or storing process. Moreover, despite our best efforts, we cannot entirely give you a guarantee over third parties, like hackers, who may acquire illegal access to your information. We provide no warranty for the loss, misuse, or alteration of data from third parties.

8. Privacy Policy Changes

We can change the privacy notice regarding changing legal, technical, or business developments. We will take all measures to inform you about the privacy policy changes and all the information regarding the changes about infiltrating our website or services. The ‘Last Update’ section will contain the information regarding the recent privacy notice updates, with the last one at the top. The new version of the privacy policy will replace the old policies and apply to all Profit Jets users.

9. No Tracking

Our response to Do Not Track Signals on the website can be tracked and accessed by the user under California law. Currently, there is no industry standard or legal standard that we have to follow to recognize these DNT signals. Hence, we have no obligation to respond to them.

10. Getting In Touch With ProFit Jets

Suppose there are still other questions and questions you have about the privacy notice or anything about the practices we preach during personal information collection. In that case, you can feel free to contact us. You can contact Profit Jets through email with the subject line “Questions about Privacy Notice.” Email us at [email protected]
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