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Expense Trackers: The Top 6 Tools For Small Businesses

Expense Trackers: The Top 6 Tools For Small Businesses
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No matter what anyone says, the one thing that you always have to take care of is the expense, particularly when you are setting up a new business. People often do not know that for any small business to make a mark, the most important thing it needs is financial scrutiny, and that too at every stage. Today we are going to talk about six such tools that come in extremely handy for small businesses.

There have been instances when people have not paid attention to this particular facet, and it has turned out to be detrimental in the long run. But that is certainly not desired, and hence you can depend on these technological advancements which are one of a kind and helpful!

Top 6 Expense Tracker Options:

Top 6 Expense Tracker Options:
Top 6 Expense Tracker Options:

Now we directly come to the most promising six options when it comes to tracking your expenses, and consequently, they are quite promising for the sector of small businesses in particular;

1. QuickBooks:

Another platform that has been the best in the field and quite a favorite for all those individuals who love accounting is none other than QuickBooks. The most promising essence of this particular application is that it has been able to help clients get a simplistic view of the requirements and access the same without any hindrances. Again, QuickBooks is one of the best.

2. Freshbooks:

If you love to keep it easy, it cannot get better than Freshbooks. The entire regimen of this particular service was curated so that none of the signing up had any problems. The interface is very simple, and all you need to do is create your account and start the process.

You can also choose to sync your bank account every day and hence will be able to track your credit or even debit card expenses easily. Freshbooks is perfect for those who love to keep it simple and accessible.

3. Expensify:

As a small business, keeping track of your expenses is very important as it will help you narrow down where the money is being spent. One of the best tools we can suggest to you to maintain the tabulation of the expenses is Expensify, and it has been one of the best platforms for small-scale business owners.

You do not need to do anything extra to maintain the tabs, and the process is very easy; just make sure that you get the bills clicked, and Expensify will allow you to maintain easy records.

4. Bench:

From bookkeeping to categorically ensuring that each expense is tracked, it certainly does not get better than Bench. The onset of this application in the market has been quite revolutionary, and hence it has been a blessing for all those looking for a solution to multiple problems under one roof.

Not only for tracking, the most useful app feature of this particular tool is that they also send you a financial report at the end of the month so you can better understand your expenses.

5. Excel Spreadsheet:

No matter how digitized we get, the one tool that is never going to get old and will always be able to render a lot of great benefits for small businesses is none other than the excel spreadsheet. All you need to do is make sure that you know exactly how to use it, and it would not be a problem to get the best understanding.

6. Mint:

The first option we will discuss in this domain is none other than Mint, and the best thing about their service regimen is that they are free. Not only for small-size-scale businesses, but they are also great for those individuals who work as freelancers or are self-employed. Not only does it work efficiently, but it also ensures that you can create a budget very easily.

Along with that, you can easily choose to set up your timers, which will automatically ensure that you do not end up missing to pay any bill. They are also compatible with most devices, making them worth the mention!


Finally, we have to say that if you have a small business, it is very important to ensure that you have the right aid because that will help you grow in the future. So keeping track of your expenses is vital, and all these tools we have mentioned are the perfect option for you!

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