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Project Jets Is Looking To Hire New Talent

Yes, you have read it quite right. Project Jets have vacancies in a few positions that may interest you. Our team comprises experts and experienced people, and we are keen on blending each new talented recruit by training and preparing them for going toe-to-toe with our team. We value our employees and take pride in them. Profit Jets will do everything in their power to offer you a career opportunity to cement your financial market position.

Changing The Whole Dynamic Of Your Business

Changing The Whole Dynamic Of Your Business

In their rights, Profit Jets is not just limited to providing bookkeeping services to modern-day businesses. We delve deep into the works and operations of the business and offer a fundamental change from the roots. We will change how your business works, grows, and even the business owner's lifestyle.

This radical change has been a proven metric for Profit Jets. We acknowledge that this achievement is only possible with undisputed assistance from our employees. Without our team providing our services at such a magnitude was simply impossible. As mentioned before, we value our employees and take every chance we can to appreciate their worth.

A Brief Look Into The Working Process Of Profit Jets

Every financial service is unique. Thus, each company's working process is different from its peers. Profit Jets also takes pride in its proven metric and stays true to its signature workflow in executing the method. It is important not just to break the operations and responsibilities into variables. The process can be broken down into parts to better understand each segment.

Profit Jets has three set principles that they rely upon. These principles are; communicating and sharing information to reach closer to the goal and working hard to achieve it. These three principles culminate in developing the culture we go by at Profit Jets. We consider our work culture the ultimate weapon, laced with technology to provide the final solution.

A Brief Look Into The Working Process Of Profit Jets

Keep It Human

Take a Stand

Be Responsible

Vacancy At Profit Jets

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Client Success Manager

There are a few things that we require from candidates applying for the post of Client Success Manager. The candidates should be knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the team of accountants and their work. They have to be responsible enough to be the point of contact for the clients, manage cash flow and budget and deliver a financial report for all the errands..

Responsibilities Of A Client Success Manager

  • Lead a team of bookkeepers and accountants
  • Constant client oversized and management
  • KPI and financial statement review
  • Financial CFO work following provided framework
  • Setup/troubleshoot software and integrations
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As a bookkeeper, there are certain tasks that you will be asked to perform. Following the rulebook, the candidate will be responsible for creating and filing financial reports. They will also have to update and review these financial records from time to time and not miss out on even minor changes.

Responsibilities Of A Bookkeeper

  • Client accounting admin task
  • Posting transactions
  • Re-canceling transactions
  • Storing documents
  • Managing client expenses and receipts
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