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For any financial services, you can contact Project Jets. Our team is equipped with financial toolkits that can aid your business with crucial support. We will take care of all your financial tantrums, from bookkeeping to tax filling and other things associated with it. In short, we are trained and experienced in looking after all the financial problems that plague your business and delivering a simple solution to counter them firmly.


The Weekly Schedule Of Profit Jets

There is a certain way or procedure to manage the financial part of a business. It cannot be rushed and cannot be acquired in a short span. Instead, it is a gradual progression and a continuous process as long as the company itself lives. Different Financial services have different methods. At Profit Jets, we are accustomed to following a weekly plan that breaks down the whole process into the 5-working days of a week.

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We will begin the weekly journey by reviewing and ensuring the exact amount of work to be done for the week. As for the review, we will review the bank feeds, emails, questions, receipts etc.


On the second working day of the week, we will process all the accounts receivable and invoices while recording the payments.


The next day, we will be heading onto account payable, clear inboxes. While at it, they will also match the receipts.


Profit Jets will run the payroll by the second-last working day of the week. They ensure all the checks and tax payments are cleared authentically.


After the whole week’s work, we keep nothing on our plate on Friday. Profit Jets may also professionally avoid the calls and emails on a Friday unless it is an emergency.

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