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6 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Be Incorporated In The US?

6 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Be Incorporated In The US
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You might contemplate the benefits of incorporating your firm overseas if you're beginning a business outside the US. However, we strongly advise US incorporation to any business owner considering functioning in the American market, even if it isn't strictly necessary to be incorporated to sell products.

So, let's examine some key advantages of incorporating your business in the US. It might sound like a hassle, but Profit Jets makes incorporation simple by taking care of the entire company formation procedure and assisting you in maintaining compliance as your business expands.

Possibility Of Using US Payment Gateway Companies:

Possibility Of Using US Payment Gateway Companies
Possibility Of Using US Payment Gateway Companies

Several top payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and many others, are headquartered in the US. So, to begin with, you must incorporate your firm in the US if you want an American business account with one of these suppliers.

It may not be legally necessary to incorporate, but operating a business will be much more challenging without these essential services. Your ability to accept payments and begin producing scalable income in the US market will depend on how quickly you file for US incorporation.

  • Contracts:

Foreign companies are permitted to enter contracts legally with American companies without being incorporated in the US, but locating partners is simpler. Businesses without US incorporation face a difficult uphill battle when trying to win over other American businesses' trust.

Your company's ideal suppliers and other partners will become more accessible to you if you incorporate them in the US. Regardless of your location, the team of Profit Jets can quickly assist you in integrating your firm in Delaware.

  • Customers:

In the same vein, access to the US consumer market is a crucial advantage of US incorporation. China and a few other nations have been reducing the gap, but the US still provides the biggest market for consumer businesses.

The World Bank estimates that the size of the American consumer market is comparable to that of China, Japan, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom. So even while it's not necessarily required to incorporate to sell goods in the US, it will give your company's reputation a far higher level of credibility among consumers here.

  • Investment Capital:

US incorporation is the best option for venture funding due to the same criteria that make it the best choice for US contracts and customers. Although there are substantial VC firms worldwide, the US continues to reign supreme for businesses looking for capital.

Compared to the second-place nation, the US is the source of more than three times as much venture capital investment (China). Only a few countries can compete per capita, yet none provide the same dynamic market or overall opportunity. Companies that are established in the US, particularly in Delaware, are considerably more likely to get investment from American venture capital firms.

  • Incubators And Accelerators:

It isn't easy to make a startup successful when working alone. As a result, startups frequently use accelerators to advance more swiftly with the support of a company that can offer finance, mentorship, and other beneficial tools.

Although accelerators are functioning in markets other than the US, there is no denying that the US has more to offer than any other nation. Top accelerators are focused in the Bay Area, as you might anticipate, but there are also excellent opportunities in other parts of the country. Your company will be more appealing to American startup accelerators if you incorporate it in the US, particularly in Delaware.

  • Immigration:

One of the most acceptable methods to make it happen if you want to live in the United States is to invest in an American company. For instance, the E-2 classification allows entry into the nation "when investing a significant amount of capital in a US enterprise" for nationals of the majority of other countries.

Being majority-owned by the investor or having operational control over the business is a crucial criterion for E-2 status. Due to this, it is the best choice for foreign nationals looking to incorporate a business in the US. 

In Which State Should A Person Incorporate?

State Should A Person Incorporate
State Should A Person Incorporate

Compared to incorporating in other nations, there are various benefits to doing so in the US. Nevertheless, the taxes and laws vary from state to state. Therefore, one of the most crucial decisions before starting a business in the US is which state to incorporate.

Delaware is the most popular state for incorporation due to a number of factors, including tax and privacy advantages. Wyoming, however, is also a solid choice because of its strict asset protection regulations and straightforward LLC registration procedure.


Startup Should Be Incorporated In The US
Startup Should Be Incorporated In The US

It can seem more straightforward to incorporate in your country of residence if you are outside the US. But there are a lot of benefits to being contained in America. We can also simplify this procedure to free you up to concentrate on growing your business.

The next step in increasing your presence in the American market is incorporating a firm there. Businesses from all around the world use Profit Jets to handle their US incorporation. So, contact us today, and the rest is on us.