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Simple Explanation of Cash and Accrual Accounting

Simple Explanation of Cash and Accrual Accounting
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No matter what the domain of your business is, the one factor that is very important in all of these cases is to ensure that the accounting department is good enough. Hence, to make sure that each aspect works better, it is very important to have a cohesive accounting approach focusing on various domains.

Depending on the company’s requirement and how they want to proceed further, the choice is completely on whether they want to go for cash accounting or for accrual accounting. These domains are very popular and, simultaneously, different from each other, serving various purposes. 

Today we will try to give you a basic understanding of what cash and accrual accounting are all about so that you can eventually decide which is better for you. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that a detailed analysis of both systems is very important so that you do not have any problems in the long run.

At Profit Jets, we focus on both the domains of accounting, and you can easily get in touch with us to get further services. But before we go further, it is very important to understand what these two domains are and how they differ. Most people new to the business domain do not have ideas about the same, and hence that causes a major problem. 

Once you have basic exposure, you will be able to understand which kind of accounting benefits the genre of business and eventually make a more comprehensive and detailed decision. In the most basic sense, we can say that cash and accrual accounting are very different accounting methods used by businesses all over.

What Does One Mean By Cash Accounting?

One Mean By Cash Accounting
One Mean By Cash Accounting

For the readers to better understand, we will try to talk about these domains separately so that the exposure you get is promising. If we do not talk about it in detail, it might be problematic to make a decision, so we will first discuss the domain of cash accounting in detail. Both cash and accrual accounting are different; however, let us first start with the domain of cash accounting!

The name cash accounting is quite self-explanatory and refers to the accounting services concerned with cash. How does it work? Well, we will help you to understand the same in detail. As the name says, this genre of accounting maintains the records or is concerned with bookkeeping in cash. Records are maintained about when the actual payment is received and disbursed. 

Every time a customer makes a payment, the cash is recorded as revenue. The same thing happens when the company has to make any payment, which follows quite a similar procedure. Special attention has to be kept so that no such pending accounts are included in this list. Supposedly, if the company is yet to receive any payment, that cannot be tabulated under this column.

At the same time, we have to see that if the company is yet to make the payment but has not yet made it till now, that also cannot be included in the list. The idea is very simple and calculates the entire sum of money the company currently has. There is no concept of credit in this accounting system, and the entire earning or expenditure must be accounted for to understand the cash standing of the business. 

What Does One Mean By Accrual Accounting?

One Mean By Accrual Accounting
One Mean By Accrual Accounting

Now that we have a brief idea of what one means by cash accounting, the next thing we have to talk about is what one means by accrual accounting. The answer is quite simple: it refers to the money earned or spent before the payment has been made or received. If you read properly, you will understand that this is the opposite of cash accounting. 

In the sector of accrual accounting, you are supposed to maintain accounts of all the payments the company has yet to receive or make. In this case, once the product reaches the client and they are yet to make the payment, this system accounts for it. Not only that, the domain of accrual accounting is a tad bit more complicated than the cash one.

The basic understanding in this accounting domain is that you have to make a note of the credit the company is in due or owed to someone like the vendors. Here the money is accounted for before they are paid and hence refers to the money that is supposed to come in or the expected money. Although it might be seemingly very easy, you have to do a couple of studies before concluding the same. 

Accrual accounting is completely different from cash accounting. Hence, you have to be professional so that you can make a difference between the two and eventually use them as well. The more you delve deep, the better you will understand that both accounting systems are important, and depending on the situation, you will be required to choose the most poignant solution. 

Cash Accounting Vs. Accrual Accounting:

Cash Accounting Vs. Accrual Accounting
Cash Accounting Vs. Accrual Accounting

Now that we have made a distinction between cash and accrual accounting, we must conclude about the same. The safest explanation we can give is that it is essentially the difference in the time of the payment that makes a statement over here. While for cash accounting, you enter once the money has been received or disbursed, that is not the case for accrual accounting.

For accrual accounting, you just have to ensure that this payment is still not made, which is the amount of money in credit or “due” to be paid or received. 


While some companies do not require both accounting formats, others have a requirement for both. Hence if you need assistance in any of these formats, feel free to contact us at Profit Jets today, and we will ensure that you get the best assistance at the earliest.