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Virtual CFO Services in Chennai

Take a brief look into the virtual CFO services in Chennai we provide, helping you to chalk out an effective plan for the unbound success of your business.

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Strategic Growth Of Your Company Though Rare CFO Insights

If you focus on the stats presented by the Small Business Administration (SBA), more than 50% of all small businesses crumble within five years of their foundation. The reason for this can be many, but one common denominator would be the lackluster management of the business cash flow or needing more professional planning of the finances. Such small businesses may not also follow an accurate financial statement.

This brings us back to the requirement and importance of CFO support for a business just starting up. The Profitjets industry-expert CFO team in Chennai has been curated to proactively manage their client’s business. Our team counters the competitive market standards based on board presentations, cash flow projections, and financial forecasts. All you need to do is talk with our financial experts and see what type of financial support your business can get in its journey to success.

What Difference Does A CFO Make For A Business?

A CFO or Chief Financial Officer is positioned at the top of the finances of a company or an organization. The CFO remains responsible for managing the funds, tracking cash flow, and planning for a better financial position for the company. At Profitjets, we are trained and qualified to provide virtual CFO services in Chennai with the following objectives.

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CFO - Support Until The End

Continuous Virtual CFO Support Until The End

However your business turns out to be, we are with you all the while. Profitjets extends its virtual CFO services in Chennai to its clients in their hour of need. They are keen on crafting a plan for your business to shore.

The plans could be chalked out considering the business requirement. It gives you the time to look for candidates for the CFO positions. They may help the business find the right candidates. Applying a proven method to the business and following a guided workbook, we keep you updated about the business daily to monthly.

Our Virtual CFO Services in Chennai Include...

For ongoing support to grow your business

To secure your next round of funding

Monthly Engagement

Ongoing CFO accounting support dedicated to your business. Based on your needs, each month, your CFO can:

Annual Budgeting & Forecasting

Accurate budgets and forecasts are built for you. Our CFOs will analyze your business drivers to build a custom forecast for:

Fundraising Strategy & Support

A fundraising strategy from experts who’ve done it before.
‍Our CFOs can help you with:

Keeping Your Finances In Check



Transparency is quintessential in building a reliable relationship with our clients. The business can track its financial journey through bookkeeping, and Profitjets focuses on that.

Tax Consultation

Tax Consultation

Taxes can be a real problem if not paid on time. As CFO services, we must pay the taxes on time and save the company from some damages.


Catchup bookkeeping

Overdue books are another troubling thing that needs to be taken care of. You must give us the books, and we can present solutions.

Outsourced Bookkeeping for CPA’s

Outsourced Bookkeeping for CPA’s

Bookkeeping is separate from the job, but clients quickly demand it. The firm’s core offering is, however, accounting and tax services.

FAQs on Virtual CFO Services in Chennai

CFO services in Chennai typically cover a range of financial activities to optimize your business’s financial health and performance, including Planning & Analysis, Management, Accounting & Reporting, and Strategic Planning.

They ensure cash flow, budgetary adherence, and that your business complies with tax requirements and financial regulations.

We offer our CFO services in Chennai to various industries, including E-commerce, Legal, Technology and IT, Retail, Real Estate, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Advertising and Marketing, Consulting firms, and Restaurants.

We have prices tailored to your specific requirements and a detailed breakdown of the offerings provided by us.

Yes, all our clients receive a legal agreement which includes some of the important clauses such as Non-Solicitation, Data Security, Performance Standards, Confidentiality and full Ownership of Records.

We provide a very flexible contract period, ensuring your organization receives the best care for the duration required. We even provide services on an hourly basis.

Yes, Non-profits CFO services are one of the additional offerings we provide to cater to non-profit firms in Chennai.

Yes, we provide all types of virtual and offline CFO services.

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